Beantown Takes Meeting Boston Sports Athletes! - Kristaps Porzingis Cavaliers vs Celtics 12/12/23

It is the Kristaps Porzingis Meet the 'Letes video! I got to meet Kristaps Porzingis and he also agreed that banner 18 is coming to Boston this year! The next day, we were back at the TD Garden to watch the first of two games between the Cavaliers vs Celtics! Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Kristaps Porzingis, and Derrick White all went off to propel the Celtics to their 11th straight win at home!

Beantown Takes Meeting Boston Sports Athletes! - Patrice Bergeron Islanders vs Bruins 12/13/22

The Boston Bruins are on fire and we finally get to see another game at the TD Garden! The Bruins faced off against the New York Islanders and it was a thriller. The Bruins won on a shootout, and it was the first time I have been to a shootout. The highlight of the video was getting the opportunity to meet Bruins legend and Captain Patrice Bergeron! The Boston Bruins are the best team in the NHL and they are on a mission to bring home the Stanley Cup.

Beantown Takes Meeting Boston Sports Athletes! - On Field Photo Day @ Fenway Park

FINALLY, WE HAVE A “MEET THE LETES” VIDEO! This has been long overdue for certain. In today's video it is On Field Photo Day at Fenway Park! I get up close to a few Red Sox players including having an interaction with Tommy Pham and JD Martinez. Whenever there is an opportunity to get on the Fenway Park soil and to meet Red Sox players no matter what the season they are having, I always do my best to make it happen. Along with that, the Red Sox won the game by a large margin! An overall great day at the ballpark!